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Effervescent tablets Keto Guru

Effervescent tablets Keto Guru
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Doctor's recommendations

Dr. Nutritionist Joshua Dr. Joshua
10 years
Po tablets Keto Guru – a great tool for quick transfer of the body in the mode of breakdown of fat and accelerate the metabolism. This is one of the most effective means for weight loss in the Philippines. I often suggest them to my clients with excess weight, because thanks to natural composition this tool is well tolerated and does not hurt health.

Keto Guru it is an innovative solution in the fight against excess weight

The problem of excess weight, according to data from the world health organization, is gaining in magnitude with every passing year. In 1975 less than 1% of children under the age of 18 years were obese, and in 2016 their number has reached 7%. Since 1975, people with excess weight around the world has increased in 3 times.

an innovative tool for weight loss Keto Guru

How to determine if you are overweight

Excess of fat deposits in the body, caused by excess calories and lack of physical activity pose a serious health threat. Excess weight interferes with ambulation, increases the load on the joints, causing the development of arthritis and osteoarthritis. Also natural satellites of obesity are problems with the cardiovascular system, the risk of heart attack and diabetes, various cancer diseases.

In order to diagnose the excess of weight in children and adults use the ratio of height and body mass index – BMI. The growth must be taken in kg and height in meters squared (kg/m2).

If the body mass index greater than 25 is considered overweight according to the who. But if the relationship between the height and the weight is equal to or exceeds 30 is considered obese.

A new way to fight obesity – keto-diet with catalyst metabolism Keto Guruwill help you to get rid of excess weight, not limiting themselves to the consumption of food.

How does it work?

action effervescent tablets Keto Guru

Keto diet – the type of therapy metabolic, through which the body goes into enhanced fat burning. In general, the body converts carbohydrates into glucose and fat is maintained as a backup source of energy. To start the mechanism of burning fats, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates and to fill the gap in calories with foods that contain a lot of fats (nuts, sea, fish, cheese, etc.). In a diet low probability of failure because they are not the reduction of their diet, but simply change its composition. Carbohydrates should be no more than 15% of the amount of food consumed, and fat – not less than 60%.

In this case, the liver begins to convert fat into ketones and fatty acids. Ketones are used by the brain as a substitute of the usual glucose. In general, the introduction of the organism in a state of ketosis, requires a half keto diet during 10-14 days. Po tablets Keto Guru will help you to reduce this period of reorganization of metabolism of 40 minutes to provide the body with necessary minerals and vitamins.

Action Keto Guru

Research Keto Guru

Clinical studies confirm the effectiveness of a drug, bio slimming Supplement due natural fat burning Keto Guru helped 97% of the subjects to get rid of obesity. They lost 5 to 35 pounds in the course of the medication.

Advantages Keto Guru compared to other weight-loss drugs

Composition of effervescent tablets Keto Guru

the composition of the Keto Guru
  1. L-glutamine is one of the main amino acids found in the muscle in its purest form. Improves brain function and stimulates the growth of muscle mass.
  2. Magnesium – helps muscles to process the lactic acid after sports, alleviates cramps.
  3. GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) - Participates in the metabolic processes of the brain, reduces fatigue.
  4. Pyridoxine – normalizes the metabolism of proteins and fats, improves the nervous system.
  5. Potassium – strengthens the cardiovascular system, regulates the consumption of glucose by the cells.
  6. Niacin, vitamin, extracted from shark liver – breaks down cholesterol and prevents the formation of plaques of cholesterol in the blood vessels.

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